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SEO Services is a website Optimization Services to raise the position of the website to page one of search results. The survey SEO Services results said that 80-90% of visitors coming to the website came from a search engine search results. Looking at the survey results we provide SEO Services can be concluded is positioned on the top 10 search results is a strategy to increase visitors and opportunities for increased sales of products or services you offer.

SEO Services Along with the growing use of the Internet as a business online, the need for SEO Services is also increasing. Being at the top of search results will increase the chances of a web-based marketing company to gain new customers. This opportunity utilized a number of parties to offer SEO services to companies that have a base in the internet business. We offer several packages for your seo services.


  • SEO Services Per Campaign 2-15 keywords (Keywords)
  • Free Analysis and assistance in the selection of keywords (keywords)
  • Free checking the website before optimization SEO Services
  • Services help and support quickly via BBM, YM, WA and eMail
  • On Page SEO, Analysis and Reconstruction / Renovation of the website (SEO on Page)
  • Off Page SEO, Backlink one direction (one way) to your website
  • Cost Estimation and old craftsmanship SEO Services tailored to the level of competition keywords (keywords)
  • SEO Services Payment can be done with a single pay, sixths month and year
  • The report details about Movement Position / Rank website on SEO Services


  • Make sure keywords (keywords) are in accordance with your target.
  • Cancellation during the optimization process can scorch the initial funding of work, and there are no refunds.
  • Work began after we receive the payment.
  • During the execution process of SEO, Website is under our control.
  • Website can not change without our knowledge.
  • Not allowed to do your own optimization and advertising scatterplot or use the services and or use the services outsourced to the same.
  • Understand and accept the terms and conditions applicable.


  • Opportunities prospective customers visiting their web sites to be larger. This can lead to increased conversion rate of visitors into buyers.
  • Being on the first page of search results give a good image and reputation of a site in the eyes of the visitor.
  • Search engines generally do not seek profit directly from organic search results. Their revenues from the advertising displayed on the top or side of the organic search results.
  • The less successful companies implement SEO strategies so that the site address is not in the top position in organic search results can still get visitors by advertising on the search engines.
  • Increasing Number of Visitors, the position on the first page with the right keywords you can increase website visitors. (survey results)
  • More Save time, effort and cost. As you become more Efficient and effective, because we are going to work for you.
  • Targeted Visitors. Visitors who visit according to the products and services you offer.
  • Save of promotion is more cost-effective than paid ads.