Social Media Management Services

Are you Is?

  • Business Owner of small/medium
  • CEO?
  • Or Make Something ?.

Want to do marketing through Social Media?


We all know the startup and successful companies in social media marketing, and they dedicate 22 hours per week with a promotion through Social Media.


Why do they optimize also promote the use of social media and of course the right way.

  • 53% of consumers said that they recommend the company / product to his friends using twitter.
  • 78% of them recommend products that the company share in faecebook to his friend and have a beneficial impact for the company.
  • 75% of people use social media to find and share information about the brand. And share the satisfaction with her friend on products found.
  • 11 People sign up on twitter every second, yes it is true in every second.

Why you should of sweat more to make a product known and owned by the person immediately.


Let us take care of Social Media Marketing activities of your company. We are Sundae Studio’s experienced in marketing products and services using Social Media is 100% on the basis of Indonesia, and is an Elite Agent Social Media Marketing.


We have helped CEOs and bloggers to help market all of them good service, brand or product, to accessories, and even we have helped celebrities/artists to make it more popular among people.


affordable management social media marketing

management social media marketing

We are very excited with what we do and show what we have done for them. With the results they were really happy with what we do.




Sundae Studio’s provide the best service for Social Media Appearance and We provide design social media services include the manufacture of cover design, background, and an avatar in a professional banner so as to lift the name of your business and products.


Social Media


  • Konsultasi Kickoff Pemasaran
  • Pengelola Akun Khusus
  • Pembaruan StatusUpdate harian menarik: berita promosi, tips dan saran, berbagi blog, berita, video. kutipan motivasi, artikel bisnis terkait, fakta, dan banyak lagi! (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+)
  • Platform yang DidukungKami akan posting di Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Google +
  • Tulisan Versi SingkatMaksimal 140 karakter. Update harian singkat dan menarik. Posting yang sama dengan Facebook dan Google+ tetapi hanya lebih pendek untuk menghindari pesan-pesan yang dipotong. (untuk Twitter dan LinkedIn)
  • Tulisan Versi PanjangPosting lebih rinci dengan gambar, dll (Facebook & Google+)
  • Foto Cover Halaman FacebookBranded Facebook Cover
  • Foto Cover Halaman Google+Branded Google+ Cover
  • Background Halaman TwitterBranded Twitter Background Graphic
  • Foto Header TwitterBranded Twitter Header Graphic
  • Gambar Background TwitterBranded Twitter Background Graphic
  • Gambar Background YoutubeBranded YouTube Background Graphic
  • Gambar/Avatar ProfilLogo perusahaan sebagai gambar utama / avatar (Untuk Semua Jaringan)
  • Pengaturan Halaman FacebookFacebook Fan Page optimasi-Isi semua bidang: Tentang, Keterangan, Alamat, dll
  • Pengaturan Halaman TwitterPengaturan lengkap profil/halaman: mengisi semua bidang dan optimasi.
  • Pengaturan Halaman Google+Optimasi halaman-Isi semua bidang: Tentang, Keterangan, Alamat, dll
  • Prngaturan Perusahaan LinkedInLengkap pengaturan profil / halaman: mengisi semua bidang dan optimasi.
  • Pengaturan Channel YoutubeOptimasi Channel: Tambahkan jaringan lain 'link, deskripsi channel link overlay, dll
  • Video Kustom Penjualan/Promosi6-7 slide video yang mempromosikan bisnis/jasa klien. Video editing profesional (bulanan video baru)
  • Optimasi Video YoutubeOptimasi yang tepat untuk pengajuan YouTube. Judul, Keterangan, tag, dll
  • Upload YoutubeMeng-upload video ke saluran YouTube klien. (bulanan)
  • Posting Video Ke Semua JaringanLink Video Post YouTube untuk semua account. (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, & G+) (bulanan)


$120 USD

Rp. 1,5jt,- IDR

  • Harian 1x Senin-Minggu


$250 USD

Rp. 3jt,- IDR

  • Harian 1x Senin-Minggu


$500 USD

Rp. 6jt,- IDR

  • Harian 1x Senin-Minggu